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Just Go to Arches National Park - Hiking the Fiery Furnace Trail

Arches National Park Utah

The Fiery Furnace Hike in Arches National Park is an experience that most never forget.  From the time you obtain reservations or a permit (which are required-sometimes months in advance) until you finish the hike, the trip is full of anticipation, wonder and surprises around every corner.  If you are lucky enough to be able to go on this adventure, you’re guaranteed to have fun and will enjoy talking about your adventure for years to come!


 Arches National Park itinerary from Just Go Travel Studios


With over 12 pages of information on things to do in Arches National Park, our Arches National Park itinerary covers everything you need to know to get started with your planning, including Arches National Park maps, hiking information, where to stay and information on camping in the park. 



The trailhead is at the Fiery Furnace parking area.  This is about 13 miles north of the entrance to Arches.  If you are coming from Moab, directions to the Fiery Furnace trailhead can be found here.  While it is only about 20 miles from Moab, you should give yourself about 45 minutes to get to the trail ahead of your reservation if you are leaving early in the morning (before 7:30 am), or a full hour (or more) if coming during peak hours in the day.  The lines to get into Arches can be very long, and you won’t want to be arriving to your hike late, as the group may have already left!  If this happens, you will not be able to go on your hike (if you are part of a tour), so make sure you arrive early.


Parking area and map for the Fiery Furnace Trail

Fiery Furnace Map / Trail Location from the National Park Service

There are about 30 parking spots in the parking area.  Since most of the people that park here tend to be on guided tours, the spaces don’t vacate as frequently as other lots in the park.  However, when tours are finished, many spots tend to open up at the same time. 

Restrooms are available at the trailhead.  As you probably have guessed, restrooms are not available while on the hike and finding a place to go on the hike will be pretty much impossible (so plan ahead!).










If you are part of a guided-tour, you’ll start off with a quick safety brief from your guide and then you’ll be ready to start your journey!

Starting the hike to the Fiery Furnace in Arches National Park

After the hike starts, you’ll quickly find yourself inside a seemingly endless labyrinth of rocks that can be very disorienting!  If you are like us, you’ll stay close to your guide for fear that you’ll get lost during the trip.  Don’t worry, though!  The Rangers are great at making sure the group stays together the entire way, and we never felt the slightest bit in danger.

Hiking the Fiery Furnace in Arches National Park

Fiery Furnace Hike in Arches National Park

While the Fiery Furnace may be intimidating once you get inside, it is actually a highly concentrated area of rock formations, fins and arches (all made from sandstone) that covers an area of only about 0.5 square miles. 

Rock formations in the Fiery Furnace Hike

Though the hike is listed as “difficult” on the Arches National Park hiking page, it really isn’t overly taxing.  The hike is slow-paced and there is only about 750 feet of total elevation gain on the two-hour adventure.  Your guide will also make sure that you have plenty of breaks, which are always in the shade (and shade is not particularly common inside of Arches National Park!).

Ranger briefing in the Fiery Furnace

However, what is challenging is what makes this hike the most fun and memorable. 

Hiking the Fiery Furnace Trail in Arches National Park

Hiking the Fiery Furnace Trail in Arches National Park

Hiking the Fiery Furnace Trail in Arches National Park

Rock scrambling and balancing happens throughout the entire trip, including an opportunity to shimmy your way through the appropriately named Crawl-Through Arch!

 Crawl-through Arch in Arches National Park

Crawl-through Arch


Surprise Arch in the Fiery Furnace Hike

Surprise Arch


Skull Arch

Skull Arch


Duck under arch

Duck-under Arch

Along the way, your guide will pause several times to provide insight to how arches are formed and information about the local flora and fauna.  Our Ranger guide was extremely knowledgeable, and of course very friendly and enthusiastic.  We felt lucky to have him as our guide, but based on our experience with other Rangers, our guess is that all guides would provide a similar experience.

The Rangers at Fiery Furnace in Arches National Park





There are essentially two ways to hike the Fiery Furnace:

  • Reserve a guided hike with a ranger. Ranger-guided hikes for the Fiery Furnace are available during the spring and summer.  Reservations can be made for morning tours up to six months in advance and cost under $20.  Children must be at least five years old to hike the Fiery Furnace.  Check out this link for ranger-guided reservations.  As of 2017, guided tours from third party concessionaires is no longer approved.
  • Obtain a permit and hike yourself. Visitors to Arches National Park can hike the Fiery Furnace on their own, provided they obtain a permit.  Permits have to be purchased in-person from the visitor center and are available up to 7 days in advance.  The park recommends that all people attend a guided-hike in the Fiery Furnace before attempting the hike on their own.  Although this is not required, it is advised as it is easy to get turned around while amidst the towering fins and rocks!  Further information on obtaining a permit can be found on the Arches National Park-Fiery Furnace page.

Inside the Fiery Furnace



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  • Arches National Park can get very hot in the summertime, and it is always dry. Make sure you bring plenty of water with you on your trip.  We recommend the Platypus pack.
  • We strongly recommend sturdy hiking shoes when on this trail. You’ll be glad that you have proper support going up and down the rocks and through some of the tricky parts of the trail.  The last thing you want to worry about is your feet slipping!
  • Arches National Park is accessed through one, long road. We recommend hiking the Fiery Furnace in the morning (though afternoon hikes are available).  After your hike, continue to the Devil’s Garden (at the end of the park road) and continue to explore the park before returning to the main entrance.


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