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Thank you again for signing up for our email newsletter. We have a lot of great, free content coming your way continuously (that we've spent literally thousands of hours creating!), but we wanted to tell you a little bit about us, how we got started and what we do.

We are Amy and Pete Brahan and we live in New Hampshire. Very simply, we are passionate about our National Parks, Monuments and Public Lands. We love to visit them with our three kids and talk about them with anyone who will listen. 

Seriously, we have a bit of a problem.

As a family, we've visited 46 so far. We of course have plans to visit all of 63 of them and also visit the National Monuments, Forests, Recreational Areas, State Parks, etc. along the way.  Then we plan to go back to them.  We can't get enough!

As much as we love to visit our National Parks, we also love the memories we've created as a family on our trips. We started out creating posters as gifts using our own photos in the vintage-style of the old National Park posters. After testing the idea with a few others, and receiving requests to create artwork for friends using their photos, we knew we had something unique to offer. 

Just Go Travel Studios was born in 2016.  After we worked tirelessly getting the business up and going for 6 years, Pete was able to leave his corporate job (that he had since leaving the Navy in 2002) and join Amy working full-time on Just Go Travel Studios.

The custom posters, postcards and note cards we create constantly bring us back to when we were on our trips. No matter what type of day we're having, they always make us smile.

As you can imagine, to have such wonderful trips takes a lot of planning. We go a little overboard on our preparation. In fact, our friends and family have long known us for being a great resource when it comes to planning their vacations. Our National Park Itineraries seemed to be a perfect fit for our business as well.

Our mission is to help people plan, experience, and remember great vacations. We believe that vacations are meant to be enjoyed before, during and after the trip, and we try to help in every area.

We also give 10% of all profits to the National Park Foundation, as we feel it’s our way of giving back to the Parks that have given us so much.

We are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service in all aspects of our business. This is from the moment the order is placed, while we work with you to customize your print, all the way until the package or download arrives at your door. Honestly, our goal is to provide the same level of service that you get from L.L. Bean.  We guarantee 100% satisfaction, or we'll make it right, even if it means a full refund or re-doing your print. 

So that's who we are and what we do. Thanks for reading and let us know if you have any questions about us at all!

Best regards,

Amy and Pete Brahan


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