Submitting information for a Custom Poster or Postcard

Thank you for your Custom Poster Order!  Let's get started!


Submitting your photo and information:

Submit your photo and custom wording

Submit your photo and custom wording (for users without a Google Account)

How to send the largest resolution file from your mobile device

Please submit one form for each photo




Details on the Process:

  1. When you "Add to Cart" you can also upload a photo.  This is optional, as you can also do it after you place your order (via email). ***
  2. Look for an email from Just Go Travel Studios about 5 minutes after your order with details on styles, wording needs, etc.
  3. Email your photo in the highest resolution possible to along with any desired wording (see below) and the desired style (see below).  This is only required if you didn't upload a photo at the time of order.
  4. Amy and Pete will create a first draft for your review in about 2-3 days.
  5. After you get the draft, you'll get to edit the draft and as many future drafts as needed to get it right.
  6. Once you approve, we'll then send the files to our local, New Hampshire printer, who will create a high-quality print on 100# (heavy!) poster paper.  This happens about 2-3 days after you have your draft approved, depending on the day of the week.
  7. During this time, you may want to consider ordering a frame.  Our recommended frames are located here.
  8. Amy and Pete will then personally inspect, hand package and ship (for free!) your poster using U.S First Class mail.

***You may send us files before you submit an order.  However, we do prioritize paying customers ahead of those requesting drafts.  If you request a draft before you order, we will work with you, but it will take longer than the normal process.


We're so excited to create your Custom Poster!  However, we're going to need some information from you.  If you haven't yet placed an order, we highly recommend doing that first before submitting your photo, to make sure you are in the queue.  As a reminder, we have a 100%, money-back guarantee if at anytime you are not happy with your product or the process.

1) Send us your photo.  We'll need a photo from you.  Please email us your desired photo (or two if you'd like us to choose one).  The photo doesn't have to be perfect-we can edit people out of it, fix glare and even change out the sky for you if you want!  But please send us the highest resolution version of your image that you can.  Our email address is

Also, please email us the photo in full-resolution (largest file size possible).  Let us know if you need help with this!

2) Let us know which option (from below) you would like us to model.  Below there are four "standard" options to choose from: two orientations (Portrait and Landscape), as well as two wording styles (Traditional or Simplified).  Select which option you want (or create a fifth!).  If you want us to make a recommendation, we'd be happy to do that.


Option #1: Traditional Portrait

Submit Info for a Traditional Portrait Poster





Option #2: Traditional Landscape

Submit Info for a Traditional Landscape Poster





Option #3: Simplified Portrait

(wording can be on the top or bottom of the print)

Submit Info for a Simplified Portrait Poster






Option #4: Simplified Landscape

(wording can be on the top or bottom of the print)

Submit Info for a Simplified Landscape Poster


Option #5: Traditional WPA 

WPA style custom national park poster

Submit Info for a Traditional WPA Portrait Poster



Option #6: Something Else!

Let us know if you have special requests, and we'll see what we can do.  Here is a sample of a special request.

3) Tell us about your desired wording.  You can choose to include your family name and dates (this is the most popular), places you visited, memorable sayings...whatever!  Just let us know and we'll do what we can to accommodate your request.  Some examples are below.


4) Select your desired filtering.  You can choose from two main styles, and we can customize for each one.  Just simply say "Detailed" or "Vintage."  Historically we have an equal number of customers selecting each filtering method.

Vintage or detailed filtering


That's it!  Once you send us this information over email, it's our turn to go to work.


We will create a proof or two and send it to you for your review, usually within two to three days.  Let us know if you have any questions!


Best regards,

Amy and Pete Brahan


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