The Best Family Friendly Hikes in U.S. National Parks

The Best Family Friendly Hikes in U.S. National Parks

U.S. National Parks are famous for their incredible scenery. Some of the most iconic views, like Tunnel View can be seen from a parking lot. However, you’d be missing out if you didn’t lace up your hiking boots and leave the pavement and boardwalks to see these gorgeous vistas!


Potato Harbor Trail Information in Channel Islands National Park

Channel Islands National Park is only accessible by boat or plane, but we can assure you that the 60-minute cruise to get to Santa Cruz Island is worth the time and money. Once we left the boat and hiked away from Scorpion Anchorage, we were on our own for most of the day. If you like to hike and are looking for an amazing day trip adventure while visiting the coast of California, pack a lunch, board an Island Packers cruise, and take a hike to Potato Harbor. We also wrote about our amazing time in Channel Islands National Park, which you can review on our site as well.

Potato Harbor in Channel Islands National Park




The Skyline Trail in Mount Rainier National Park climbs over 1,700 feet on the side of the mountain and across snowfields up to Panorama Point, where you can see amazing views of the Tatoosh Range.  The hike is fantastic the entire way, but hiking the trail in the clockwise direction, we loved the views on the way down.  In the distance are mountains, but all around you are meadows, wildflowers, rushing rivers and waterfalls. 

You can read about this amazing hike in our blog, Hiking the Skyline Trail to Panorama Point in Mount Rainier National Park



Delicate Arch is a stone icon and people from around the world flock to Arches National Park to get a look. However, don’t let the idea of crowds dissuade you-it IS impressive. No matter the time of year, you’ll want to set out early in the morning to do this popular hike (and get a parking spot). Getting there requires a moderate to difficult 3-mile roundtrip hike with no shade, so make sure to bring plenty of water.

For details on this incredible hike, check out our blog on Hiking the Delicate Arch Trail in Arches National Park.

Delicate Arch in Arches National Park







There are so many stunning hikes and viewpoints in Grand Teton National Park that it can be hard to choose where to spend your time. The Taggart Lake trail is one of the park’s easier hikes, yet it offers incredible views of the Teton Mountain range the entire way out to the lake. We recommend combining it with the Beaver Creek trail to climb the glacial moraine and loop back to your car along the Beaver Creek. Or, if you feel a bit more ambitious, try the Taggart Lake-Bradley Lake loop which adds a little distance but provides a nice variety of scenery for your return trip. You can read about Taggart Lake Hike in our detailed blog, Taggart Lake (with the Beaver Creek Loop).

Taggart Lake Trail in Grand Teton National Park



Yellowstone National Park is full of geologic wonders that can be viewed from boardwalks, but if you are in shape and aren’t afraid of climbing back up 328 steps, we think Uncle Tom’s trail is a must-do. There’s no better way to get up close and personal with the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone and feel the power of the Lower Falls. When we visited in June of 2017, the parking lot to Tom’s Trail was closed for construction and we had to hike down from the trail starting at Artist Point. This is a great way to extend the otherwise short hike and enjoy views of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone away from the crowds at Artist Point.

We’ve covered this hike in detail in our blog on Uncle Tom’s Trail.

Yellowstone Falls from the bottom of Uncle Tom's Trail in Yellowstone National Park




Most people that visit Theodore Roosevelt National Park never make the ~1 hour drive up to the North Unit. There are so many beautiful overlooks in this park, but we think hiking in the uncrowded North Unit is a must! The Caprock Coulee trail is a hidden gem with spectacular scenery and fascinating geology. We only ran into a handful of hikers on this trail on a June morning. Perhaps the sign warning visitors about the presence of bison, poison ivy, and rattlesnakes scared everyone else away??? 

Our blog post dedicated entirely to our experience at the Caprock-Coulee trail in Theodore Roosevelt National Park is also worth reading if you want more information.  We also cover Theodore Roosevelt National Park extensively in our blog on the Five Reasons You'll Fall in Love with Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

Caprock Coulee Trail in Theodore Roosevelt National Park




Sentinel Dome Trail Information for Yosemite National Park

If you want to experience panoramic views away from the crowds at Glacier Point in Yosemite National Park, the hike to Sentinel Dome is worth a little effort. It is relatively easy, aside from the short steep climb up to the top of the dome. We left the parking lot early in the morning and were lucky to share the dome with only a couple other families. Looking to the north, you can see El Capitan and Yosemite Falls. To the east are views of Half Dome, Nevada Falls and Clouds Rest. To the west, you can look down into Yosemite Valley. Of note, the high altitude may bother some and it is best hiked in the summer when the trail is dry. The Glacier Point Road, which you need to take to access the trailhead, is closed to cars in the winter.

A view from Sentinel Dome in Yosemite National Park


Sun Notch Trail information in Crater Lake National Park

This hike is a quick loop just off Rim Road and is a great way to see Crater Lake National Park for the first time if driving in from the south of the park. We were shocked that the parking lot for this trailhead was nearly empty since this hike offers a big payoff for very little effort. The Sun Notch Trail is a great hike, even for little kids. We enjoyed watching as our three (ages 6, 8 and 10 at the time) reached the edge of the rim and gazed in wonder at the striking blue water of the lake below. Two different lookouts offer fantastic views of Phantom Ship and Wizard Island. We also spotted our first yellow-bellied marmot on the return trip to the car. If you want your first view of the lake to be away from the crowds of tourists at the visitor center, make this your first stop!

A view from the Sun Notch Trail in Crater Lake National Park




Capitol Reef National Park is one of Utah’s lesser known National Parks.  Many drive through this park without stopping.  However, just off the main road (Highway 24) and right near the visitor center is the Hickman Bridge Trail.  This relatively short hike offers a variety of scenery, including passing alongside the Fremont River, views of the fruit orchard and amazing monoliths (such as the Navajo Dome and Pectol’s Pyramid).  The trail ends at the 125 foot long natural bridge, which stands 133 feet above the ground.  Nearby the bridge is a good amount of shade, offering much needed cover before heading back downhill to the parking lot.  There really is no excuse for not taking a little more than an hour and experiencing this amazing trail!  We also wrote about our experiences on the Hickman Bridge Trail in our blog, which you can review on our site as well.

Hickman Bridge Trail in Capitol Reef National Park




Located near the famous Wall Drug in South Dakota, Badlands National Park is known for its rugged scenery.  You come here expecting to see vast areas of nothingness, and you may not expect to find grand vistas, or wonderful trails.  The Notch Trail will definitely surprise you!  It is one of the top-rated trails in the park, and terrific for families.  After a flat walk, the only real uphill part of the hike is up a giant log ladder with over 40 steps!  After climbing the ladder, the trail heads along a cliffside before a brief climb rewards hikers with a terrific view of the surrounding prairie.  Make sure you start on this trail early!  The line at the ladder can be long, and if it is the popular summertime months, the trail can be quite hot!  We wrote about this great family hike in our blog on The Notch Trail

If you are thinking of visiting the Badlands, you’ll also want to read our blog on Badlands National Park!

A view from the end of the Notch Trail in Badlands National Park




Maine is out of the way for most people in the United States, and Acadia National Park is in a remote part of Maine.  Still, this park is wonderful to visit, especially in the summer months.  One of the best hikes for able-bodied families is the Beehive Loop Trail.  This hike features multiple ladders on the side of a mountain and ends with a spectacular view of Sand Beach and Frenchman Bay.  This hike is perfect for kids and families who like big adventure in a short hike!  After you reach the summit, make sure you continue to the pond on the “The Bowl” trail, where you can relax on a shaded beach and take a dip to cool off!

We covered the Beehive Loop Trail in depth in our blog-check it out for more detailed information!

Acadia National Park Beehive Trail, a view from the top



If Acadia National Park in Maine is out of the way, then Big Bend National Park qualifies as being one of the most remote parks in the continental U.S.  This park is about two hours from anything, and 4.5 hours from the nearest large city, El Paso.  Still, it is worth the journey and full of surprises!  Our first hike in the park, the Lost Mine Trail, left us struck with awe as we climbed out of the Chisos Basin to the peak that overlooked Juniper Canyon.  What we loved in particular about this hike was the 0.2-mile long, flat mountain peak.  There were plenty of places to sit and relax and take in the view.

This hike is uphill most of the way, but it is steady and not too steep, making it a great one for little hikers.  We covered this hike in detail in our blog on the Lost Mine Trail in Big Bend National Park.

Big Bend National Park, Lost Mine Trail




The views in Bryce Canyon National Park are easy to access, but to really experience the park, take this 2.9-mile trail down into the hoodoos.  You will be amazed at the colors, especially if you hike in the early morning or about 1.5 hours before sunset.  After descending about 400 feet, you’ll find yourself immersed in the hoodoos.  Around every corner are amazing views, and you may even spy deer among the ponderosa pines!

This hike isn’t overly difficult, but what goes down must come up when it comes to hiking.  Head into the canyon ready for a steep climb on the way out, but it is totally worth it and doable for families.  We did this hike when our kids were 11, 9 and 7 and they did just fine (especially since the heat subsided in the evening).

Read about our experience on this hike in detail in our blog on the Queens Garden and Navajo Loop in Bryce Canyon National Park.

Queens Garden and Navajo Loop Trail



Most of the hikes in Joshua Tree National Park are amazing.  We are always shocked at how beautiful the desert can truly be.  However, the top-rated Ryan Mountain Trail definitely is tops when it comes to the best views in the park.  After steadily climbing for about 1.5 miles, you’ll find yourself on top of Ryan Mountain with incredible views.

This hike can be brutal in the summer heat, but if you go in the winter or early spring, the cool temperatures and wind at the peak will be refreshing after your one-hour climb. 

We covered this hike in detail in our blog on hiking the Ryan Mountain Trail in Joshua Tree National Park.

Peak of Ryan Mountain Trail in Joshua Tree National Park



We typically wouldn’t refer to a hike that is nearly 10 miles as a hike for families.  However, the Iceberg Lake Trail in Glacier National Park has such a gradual climb and wonderful scenery that it makes the miles fly by. 

This hike features river crossings, a waterfall and ends with an emerald-green lake with icebergs!  You’ll love the scenery along the way, which includes views of Mount Henkel, Mount Wilbur and Iceberg Peak. 

Make sure you bring bear and bug spray with you on this trail, as they both can be present (though we didn’t see any bears along the way, thankfully)!

We covered this hike in detail in our blog on hiking the Iceberg Lake Trail in Glacier National Park.

Iceberg Lake Trail in Glacier National Park




This short, 1-mile hike is packed full of beautiful color that you wouldn’t expect to see in the desert.  After a short descent, hikers find themselves right in the middle of the badlands of Arizona.  The trail then flattens out for the loop, which traverses in and out of the hilly landscape.  Along the way you’ll find your first view of petrified wood (if coming from the north) along with a ton of great photo opportunities.

The paved trail ends with a short (but relatively steep) 100 ft. climb to the top where you began your journey.

We covered this hike in our blog on hiking the Blue Mesa Trail in Petrified Forest National Park.

Blue Mesa Trail in Petrified Forest National Park




If you are looking for a great hike for the family without the worry of climbing ladders in Acadia, then the Bubbles Trail is a fantastic choice.  This 1.8-mile loop (or shorter, if you just hike the South Bubble) climbs only 250 feet to get to the top of the South Bubble.  From here you can view Jordan Pond and the Penobscot Bay.  After taking a break here, check out nearby Bubble Rock (only a few hundred feet from the peak), which is a rock that was brought here from about 40 miles away by glacial movement.  Continue onto the quieter North Bubble peak and check out the amazing views to the north before returning to your car.  This is a popular hike, so you’ll want to arrive before 8:00 AM to be sure you get a spot during busy days!

This trip was covered in detail in our blog on hiking the Bubbles Trail in Acadia National Park.Hiking the Bubbles Trail in Acadia




It’s likely that you won’t just happen upon North Cascades National Park, but you should definitely plan a trip to this amazing, unpopulated park in northern Washington.  While here, one trail that you have to go on is the Maple Pass Loop.  This hike was one of the best we’ve ever been on and has amazing views throughout the entire trail.  This 6.4-mile loop climbs over 2,000 feet, but the views from the top are incredible, and cover 360 degrees.  We recommend hiking the trail clockwise for the best views and to avoid the crowds, which typically hike the much easier counterclockwise route (easier as the incline is completed over 4 miles rather than 2 miles).

We covered this hike in our blog, hiking the Maple Pass Loop in North Cascades National Park.

Hiking the maple pass loop in North Cascades National Park




Another amazing hike in Acadia National Park is the Precipice Trail.  This hike is only open part of the year-during the winter, the trail is too icy, and between March 15 and August 15, the trail is reserved for Peregrine Falcon nesting.  That’s right-this trail hikes along a cliffside left by glacial damage that is suitably for high-flying birds and daring hikers.

On this 2.5-mile round trip hike, you’ll first hike through a boulder field before you get to a series of ladder rungs made of steel.  These rungs help you climb over a thousand feet before you reach the top of Champlain Mountain.  The view of Frenchman’s Bay is amazing, and made more incredible by the accomplishment of such a daring journey!

We covered this hike in our blog, Hiking the Precipice Trail in Acadia National Park.

Hiking the precipice trail in acadia national park



Featuring a hand-carved tunnel and a suspension bridge, the Point Bonita Lighthouse Trail in Marin Headlands is a fantastic short hike for families.  At just 1-mile and around 110 feet in elevation gain, the hike is easy.  Starting with a steady downhill, the trail levels out as it passes through a tunnel that seems barely large enough for people to go through as you see it from a distance.

After emerging from the tunnel, the view opens up to the suspension bridge which has to be crossed on the way into the lighthouse.  The lighthouse is on the edge of a cliff, and has wonderful views of the San Francisco Bay, the Golden Gate Bridge and the city of San Francisco.  There are also plenty of seals to greet you from below as you come to the coast!

To read more about this great trail, check out our blog, Hiking the Point Bonita Lighthouse Trail.

Point Bonita Lighthouse Trail



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