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Welcome!  We take your photo and desired wording and create your very own Vintage-style, Custom Travel Poster, Postcard or Card.  Your photo can be from anywhere around the world, with or without people, in landscape or portrait orientation. 
Surprise someone you love with a one-of-a-kind travel memory, or get several for yourself so you never forget the great times you experiences you had!
Custom Travel Poster from Just Go Travel Studios



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Custom, Vintage style posters from Just Go Travel Studios

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Custom National Park Poster

Your photo can be from anywhere around the world, and even include people!  We have a variety of filtering methods and will edit your photo as needed to make it look great!

Custom vintage travel posters
custom travel posters

Original Photo taken by Kaelin Amaya

Custom national park poster, vintage style travel poster

Original photo provided by Shari Sommerfeld

Custom Travel Collage Posters

We also create Custom Collages from multiple photos!  We include custom wording, photo editing and custom layouts.

Custom Collage Poster

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How does the process work?

  1. You place an order from our Custom Travel Poster page.  You can add images to your order right fro the product page, or you can email us your photo after you place your order.
  2. About 5 minutes after you place your order, you'll get an email from us asking what style, orientation and text you want.  Be on the lookout for it and check your spam folder just in case!
  3. Amy or Pete (sometimes both!) will do any necessary edits to your image, crop it, apply our special filtering techniques and include the desired text.  This takes time, but we'll be able to send you a draft within the next two days (usually one) with your poster and text.
  4. After you get the draft, we'll make as many updated drafts as needed with any edits you see fit.  This is an iterative process and we'll make sure you are happy!
  5. Once you approve, we'll get it to the printer. 
  6. After we receive it, we inspect each poster and pack each one personally before we ship it to you for free!

Amy and Pete Brahan from Just Go Travel Studios

Amy and Pete will be working with you personally and help walk you through the process!  Learn about our story.


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