Ask Andrew - Grand Teton National Park

Ask Andrew - Grand Teton National Park

Andrew traveled to Grand Teton National Park in June 2017.  We asked him for his thoughts on the park, and here is what he wrote. You can learn about Andrew here

1. What was the most memorable part of your visit to Grand Teton National Park?

I loved the 2 hour horseback ride because we crossed rivers ,streams, and mud. We rode using a company called Swift Creek Outfitters,  which was located just outside the park. It was so much fun!  I loved also how it was just our guide with the three of us.

Horseback riding in Grand Teton National Park with Swift Creek Outfitters

Horseback riding through the woods in Grand Teton National Park with Swift Creek Outfitters

River crossing in Grand Teton National Park with Swift Creek Outfitters

2. Did you see any wildlife in Grand Teton National Park?  If so, what types?

We saw one marmot on our hike before it disappeared into the rocks. We also saw a mother bear with her cub, lots of bison, some elk and very cool pronghorn. We didn’t see any moose, though we were told that we just missed them when we were on our hike.

Marmot on the Cascade Canyon trail in Grand Teton National Park

Bison roaming the plains in Grand Teton National Park

Pronghorn roaming the plains in Grand Teton National Park

3. Can you describe your favorite hike at Grand Teton National Park?  

We took a boat across Jenny Lake and went on the Cascade Canyon hike.  We combined the hike with Hidden Falls (which was really cool, as we were by ourselves!) and Inspiration Point (where we had a snack) before heading into the Cascade Canyon. The part of the hike we did was about 6 miles, but you can make it up to a 9 mile hike if you want, and even go further. The elevation gain is about 1350 feet, with most of the climb happening at the beginning of the hike.  My parents wrote up an article all about the hike to Hidden Falls, Inspiration Point and Cascade Canyon hike in detail, which you should also read.

Taking the ferry across Jenny Lake in Grand Teton National Park

Hidden Falls on the Cascade Canyon Hike in Grand Teton National Park

Hiking up to Inspiration Point in Grand Teton National Park

A view of Jenny Lake from Inspiration Point in Grand Teton National Park

Hiking into Cascade Canyon in Grand Teton National Park

4. What was the level of difficulty of the Cascade Canyon Trail (on a scale of 1 to 10)? Why?

I would rate this hike as a 7 because you have to carry quite a bit of water and snacks on the hike and there was quite a bit of climbing early on before it leveled out in the Canyon.

5. What is the one “must have” product that you would recommend when visiting Grand Teton National Park? Why?   

I really liked having my Nalgene water bottle because it holds lots of water and a good sealed cap.  It never leaks like other water bottles that I’ve used.  It also has a nice wide cap so you can put ice in it.

6. Do you have any other comments or suggestions for Grand Teton National Park?

You should bring a buddy because if you get lost or hurt somebody is with you. Also, make sure you give yourself plenty of time to do what you want to do in the park. We were there for about two full days, but you might need up to four or five if you really want to do everything.

Cabins in Mormon Row in Grand Teton National Park



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