Monumental Reductions Limited Edition Posters


We're proud to be offering three, limited edition posters to help fund the creation of the documentary, "Monumental Reductions" by the non-profit (Like A Girl Productions).  

$35 from each poster purchase will be donated by Just Go Travel Studios.

Bears Ears National Monument

From the Like A Girl Productions website, here is the background for the project:

"Monumental Reductions" is an independent journalistic documentary created after the Trump administration announcement to drastically reduce two national monuments in Utah and is expected to announce several other monuments including the Gold Butte Butte National Monument in Nevada and Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument in Oregon. Many environmental activists and Native American tribes have spoken against the decision. Their arguments however run against companies and some officials who want to see that land developed and used for mining, cattle grazing, oil, and gas exploration. The documentary examines both sides of the issue and offers a glimpse into America’s national monuments."


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