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Camping in Bahia Honda State Park: Campground Maps, Site Photos & More

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Spending time on the beaches of the Florida Keys is a great way to relax.  But if you get a chance to go camping in Bahia Honda State Park, it’ll bring your vacation and relaxation to a whole new level!  With both options for traditional camping in tents, an RV or in cabins, you are sure to find what you need to suit your camping needs.

There are a few options that you have to think about when deciding what type of camping you want to have when visiting Bahia Honda State Park.  We hope this guide helps to break down the options you have and makes the process a bit simpler!


There are actually three different options for camping in Bahia Honda State Park.  There are six cabins that are actually quite amazing.  Of course, they are very hard to come by and reservations fill up almost the minute that they are open.

The non-cabin sites are plentiful and exactly what you would expect for camping at a crowded beach area.  They are well cared for but relatively small and close together.  Hedges offer some privacy, but there are just a lot of sites packed into a small space and you should expect to be close to your neighbors.

Because Bahia Honda State Park is so popular (and in an amazing spot in the Keys), you really need to get reservations well in advance of your visit.  You can always check for cancellations (which do happen regularly), but you will really have to be on top of things to get a spot here if you are not planning out well in advance.

There is quite a bit to do in the park including swimming, checking out the nature center, spending time on the water and even hiking!  You can read all about it in our article on Things to Do in Bahia Honda State Park.

View of the Bridge at Bahia Honda State Park


There is a small stand for concessions that is open during the day where you can get small, quick meals, drinks, etc.

Of course, we recommend making sure you have the supplies you need ahead of your visit to the park.  But if you need groceries, they are not far away.  They can be found in Big Pine Key, FL, which is about 10 minutes to the west. 

If you need to get to a big box store, then you can plan on a nearly 3 hour trek back to Miami.  As that is really not practical, your next best bet for a wide variety of supplies is an hour to the west in Key West, Miami.


bahia honda state park map

Bahia Honda State Park map, courtesy of Florida State Parks

Bahia Honda State Park Cabins

  • Location: The Bahia State Park Cabins are located on the north side of the bay.
  • Accessible via: To get here you have to have a vehicle that is under 6 feet 8 inches to be sure you pass underneath the bridge.
  • Reservations: Offered year-round. Bahia Honda State Park cabin reservations.
  • Capacity: 6 cabins (1 is accessible with a wheelchair lift).
  • Amenities: Heating and central air, sleeps 6 people (two bedrooms and a sofa bed), a kitchen and a full bath. All units have views with a wood deck.  Note: unit 2 only sleeps 4 people.
  • Toilets / Showers: Full bath.
  • Additional details: As you can imagine, these cabins are in high-demand. Reservations are allowed 11 months in advance, and they fill up very quickly.

Buttonwood Campground

  • Location: The Buttonwood Campground is the main campground in Bahia Honda State Park. If you have an RV or a camper, this is where you’ll want to be as the sites are large.
  • Accessible via: Car.
  • Reservations: Offered year-round. Bahia Honda State Park camping reservations.
  • Capacity: 48 sites.
  • Electricity / Water Hookups / Dump Station: Yes / Yes / Yes.
  • Toilets / Showers: Flush toilets and showers.
  • Additional details: If you are looking for a waterfront site, choose sites 12-25 (15 and higher are preferred, though).

Bayside Campground

  • Location: The Bayside Campground is a smaller, more intimate campground on the north side of the island.
  • Accessible via: Car, buy you have to be sure that you have clearance of 6 feet 8 inches as you have to pass underneath the railroad bridge.
  • Reservations: Offered year-round. Bahia Honda State Park camping reservations.
  • Capacity: 8 sites.
  • Electricity / Water Hookups / Dump Station: No / No / No.
  • Toilets / Showers: Flush toilets, but the showers are a half-mile away at the Buttonwood Campground.


There is no group camping in Bahia Honda State Park.


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